Research Interests

  • Cretaceous and Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy and the application of benthic foraminifers as indicators of paleoenvironments.
  • Combination of geochemical (13Cbulk, 18Obulk, and carbonate content) and micropaleontological tools (preferential dissolution of planktonic foraminifers) in order to estimate short-term CCD fluctuations in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean before, during, and after four hyperthermal events of the Early Eocene.
  • Benthic foraminifers as paleobathymetric indicators. Evaluation of the Pleistocene uplift occurred in sedimentary deposits in the Burica Peninsula (Panama and Costa Rica) as a result of the Cocos Ridge subduction beneath the Central American Arc.
  • Planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy of mid to upper Albian sedimentary rocks in the Upper Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.

Contact Information

Biostratigraphy and Stratigraphy
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