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Membership in the Cushman Foundation supports the goal of promoting research on foraminifera and allied organisms and benefits members in various ways. Membership dues chiefly support the publication of the Journal of Foraminiferal Research in print and online. With strong editorial leadership, the Journal of Foraminiferal Research publishes scientific articles of high professional standards, as reflected in the caliber of its articles, the superior quality of its reproductions and its high frequency of citation. An index of articles and directory of members is published annually in the October issue. A useful summary of recent publications on foraminifera appears in each issue. In addition, the Foundation publishes an actively growing series of Special Publications, many of which are currently available for purchase.

Memberships for those from developing countries pay 1/3 the rate for Regular Online memberships ($30 per year), and 1/2 the rate for Student and Postdoctoral Online memberships ($15 per year or $27.50 per year respectively). The reduced rates are available to members from nations with economies other than “High-income” as classified by the World Bank. If you would like to purchase a membership at this discounted rate, please email us at

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, memberships for students, postdocs, early career professionals and professionals undergoing financial hardship are gratis for 2021-2022. Students must be enrolled and in a degree program at a university or college. Postdocs have a postdoctoral appointment and are within 4 years of their Ph.D. graduation date. Early Career Professionals are those within 4 years of the Ph.D. When requesting gratis memberships: Students and postdocs must provide the name of their institution and the email address of their advisor for verification. Early Career Professionals must provide their graduation date and institution. Professionals in financial distress must briefly state that. If you would like to purchase a membership at this discounted rate, please email us at In your email, please include the physical address of either your home or work for our records. Thank you.

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