Research Interests

  • Evolutionary biology and ecology of marine organisms, protists in particular (foraminifera, tintinnids, calcareous nannofossils, radiolaria, diatoms, silicoflagelaltes).
  • Biology and molecular phylogeny of reef (Papua New Guinea, Enewetak Atoll, French Polynesia, Pacific Rim) and ancient reef and carbonate platform foraminifera with the aim of better understanding evolution of reef biotas through time, especially the influence of photosymbioses.
  • Evolution of the earliest shelled protists in the Precambrian and Cambrian and metazoan origins and early evolution, as well as their Cambrian radiation.
  • Mass extinctions and radiations in the history of life on Earth.
  • Habitats and taphonomy of possible life on Jupiter's Icy Moons, Europa in particular, and on Mars.

Contact Information

Faculty Curator
Museum of Paleontology
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720